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Hello, my name is Mary Frances Marlin, a master’s prepared nurse and injury prevention specialist trained at the University of San Diego. After many years of interacting with children as a Manager of Community Education in major Children’s Hospitals in Orange County, CA, I decided to share my knowledge with parents, grandparents, caregivers, and adults to read and instruct their young children on how to keep safe and secure from injuries and even death. My book is a beautifully and creatively illustrated to keep children’s attention. Gronwee, a super frog teaches the children and reinforces his message with the repeated phrase: Think, Think, Think, tuck it away. Then you will have it to use someday! He teaches concepts and bust myths that keep children Safe and Secure in their daily lives. These lifesaving messages are based on my interaction with over 200,000 children in my career.


Please consider purchasing my book, “Kids Safe and Secure” to keep your children safe. Here are some links to purchasing my book:

Website :


Please communicate with me to describe your experiences using the concepts offered in “Kids Safe and Secure” and tell me how they have had a positive impact on letting your kids grow up in a safe environment.

Join me! Together, we can prevent childhood injuries and deaths!


Best Regards, Mary Frances Marlin, MSN, BSN, PHN

Kids Safe and Secure

~ By  Mary Frances Marlin ~

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