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Yes, children are injured and can die. Loved ones are devastated for the rest of their lives when this happens. “Kids Safe and Secure” lets adults read and share important principles with kids to keep them safe. There are few true accidents. How horrible it would be to lose an infant or child. The good news is that injuries and deaths can be prevented.

This book is written for children between 5 and 8 years of age.

It is your responsibility as parents, grandparents, and guardians to learn how to prevent these injuries and deaths.

Buy and read this book to learn how to keep your precious infants and children safe.

This book is a lifesaver, Written by a Community Health nurse and Childhood Injury Prevention expert, “Kids Safe and Secure” teaches you how to prevent these injuries and deaths through lessons presented by a safety frog, named Gronwee. He teaches valuable, simple, and lifesaving principles. Buy this book and learn how to keep your children safe. Be a lifesaver!


Introduction and General Information:


Book Title: “Kids Safe and Secure”

Author: Mary Frances Marlin, MSN, RN, PHN

Company Name: Health Options

Genre: Children’s Safety Book

Main Character: Gronwee, A Smart Safety Frog


Business Email: 

Personal Email:

Mary’s Cell: (951) 551 8291 

Book Publisher: Luminare Press LLC  Eugene, Oregon

Book Producers: Kindle (Paperback & eBook)…POD IngramSpark (Hardcover)….POD


The book’s main character is a frog named Gronwee. He does not talk much about his name because his mommy told him it sounds like frog legs in French. He has spots all over because he eats lots of jellybeans. He is interviewing for a safety role. Two children interview him, and he tells them how to be safe and secure. The title of the book is Kid, Safe and Secure. The topics he covers are: calling 911, having a magic circle around you for safety, having a meeting place outside your house, how to cross the street safely, wearing a helmet, wearing a seat belt, answering the door, what to do if there is a fire, swimming safety, having a code word, and washing your hands. The phrase: “Think, Think, Think. Tuck it away. Then you will be able to use it someday.” is repeated throughout the book after each safety message. Additional parent resources are included at the end of the book.

Special Thank You!

 ~ Alexander Griffin Cornwell ~

Our grandson, Alexander Griffin Cornwell will study graphic animation at Montserrat Art College in Beverly, Massachusetts.

~ Kennedy Grace Cornwell ~

Our granddaughter, Kennedy Grace Cornwell majors in Environmental Science at UC Santa Barbara.

We would like to thank and honor their extraordinary artistic talent. Their work makes the book come alive.

We love you both!


~ Goo Goo and Papa ~

Kids Safe and Secure

~ By  Mary Frances Marlin ~

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